Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Illustration Friday: Homage

My homage to Enrique Romero, who drew the Modesty Blaise strips for many years.

I admired his wonderfully bold brush strokes and exotic depiction of Modesty, even as I took issue with some of his odd proportions and his frequent drawing of her face as slightly cross-eyed.

Check out Romero's Modesty, if you like, here.

Anyway, I actually learned a lot from doing this. Really examining every brush stroke and squiggle in several of his works was useful--so different from the way I typically draw faces. I feel like I've added more tips 'n' tricks to my visual library.

Pencil; Pitt artist pen.


steve said...

Not an easy task--very well done!

mark slater said...

skillfully done =)

San said...

wow. i wish i could draw faces like that. i stay far far away from human figures. heheh. lovely work.

Chris Wahl said...

Great homage, Chrissie. You captured his style perfectly.

Double "D" said...

You have such great range of mediums.
These are both beautiful.

Anonymous said...


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