Monday, March 29, 2010


An average of 30 people a day visit this blog... Silently they slip in, look around, then scurry off, leaving nothing behind. I'm wondering if this little thing has run its course.


Wynn Ryder said...

Not at all, Chickpea has been a source of inspiration for me for years. Seeing what you do always makes me feel like I should be trying new things! x

billspaintingmn said...

Sounds like yer having a Monday..
I agree with Wynn, I find inspiration here, and stop in often!
Your art is fun, beautiful, and
creative. I love it!
Don't you dare pull any plugs Chrissie!

Laura said...

Your art is beautiful; there is so much movement in each piece that it makes me feel alive. Thank you for sharing your talent!

Chrissie A said...

Bill--you are so right--it was a Monday, and one hell of a crappy one.

I should know better than to let myself go public when I'm in a really bad mood. Actually, I do know better, but stupidly did it anyway. :(

Thank you Wynn, Bill, Laura, for the kind words--much appreciated.

Double "D" said...

Please don't pull the plug.
Your absence would be tragic. I love it when you display your extreme talent and creativity. You're awesome C. If I slipped in and didn't comment, sorry.
Now I won't be slipping in, I have two hands to type and it's a huge relief.

By the way, Red Sonja is FAB! The top one especially.
I'll bet your accountant was thrilled.


Krys said...

Your regular postings keep me motivated indeed

Chrissie A said...

Thanks, Doug! (So happy you have two hands once again!)

Kris--that is very much appreciated; thank you.

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