Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Two versions of Lance, the creator of the blog Draw Me Draw You.

A quick pencil sketch from one of the photos he's posted of himself, which I'm happy with, and a watercolor version that was not entirely successful (those colors--what was I thinking? And why did his ear get smaller?) but I do see some good things happening in places so I'm encouraged, watercolor-wise.

(Please click images for larger versions. As always.)
Missed the bus

One of a series of little illustrations I just finished for a film to be shown at a graduation ceremony this week. Marker with Photoshop color.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


For the May Drawing Jam on the Drawing Board forums.

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Monday, May 21, 2007


Experimenting on watercolor paper with Dr. PH Martin's inks, using the little plastic dropper to apply the lines...forces you to stay very loose and causes unexpected drips and wiggly lines. I'd like to use this technique more--it's fun.

I did this as my entry to Damien's competition. I rather doubt that he really does look like this, but still...

(Please click image for larger version, where you can even see the pencil lines.)
Watercolor Study

I have so much to learn.

From photo reference provided by Zoe/mondkalbstock on deviantArt.

(Please click image for larger version...though I'm not sure it looks any better larger, heh heh)

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Brian, of the delightful Goo-beet-sa Blog, startled me by saying:

"I'm sorry to report:

You've been tagged (7)
You must share 7 things about yourself and then tag 7 more people

failure to break this updated chain letter clap trap- will result in swelling ankles, and Kenny G music stuck in your head every Tuesday for 3 hours"

Well that scared the hell out of me, so here are 7 things you never knew about me, plus one thing that isn't true. Guess which one that is.

* I used to play the violin (and was moderately good at it)

* I am more afraid of centipedes than anything else in the world

* My all-time favorite food is sauerkraut

* All the significant men in my life have been born in March

* I think George W. Bush is the Worst President Ever

* I was so fat as a baby I looked like a miniature sumo wrestler

* Daniel Day-Lewis could call me up and command me to do anything and I would obey

* I spent 5 years of my adult life immersed in the bloody first-person shooter game "Unreal Tournament"

Okay, now it's my turn to do some tagging. That is, if I can find anyone out there who hasn't been tagged yet.
Watercolor Class

Week 6 of a class I'm taking in watercolor basics and I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere--yay. Many thanks to my esteemed instructor (artfish!) for figuring out a way for me to paint that I don't totally suck at.

(Please click images for larger versions that show all that watercolorish goodness, paper textures, drips and the like)
Illustration Friday: Citrus

I didn't want to let yet another IF go by without contributing something.

(Please click image for larger, tarter, citrusy-er version)