Monday, April 03, 2006

Drawing Jam: Kristin

Sneaking in, here, at the tail end of a drawing jam on the Drawing Board forum. I did a pencil sketch a while back and didn't really like it much, so before I tossed it out I decided to do a quick tracing using a brush marker. I liked it enough to add some color in Photoshop and post it here; maybe or maybe not on the forum. I'm trying to work faster and looser; I guess this qualifies, since it took me a few minutes. And since I figured I'd be throwing it away it loosened me up considerably.


Chad H. said...

Wow, very nice.

Unknown said...

i followed your comment back to this blog and i'm super pleased. cool diverse art and i used to post on the drawing board a decade ago. glad to see that it is still inspiring people to create.