Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Red Shoes

I watched the 1948 film "The Red Shoes" recently for the second time. I had forgotten what a gorgeous, artist's film this is. The painted backgrounds, the costumes and makeup in the ballet production within the film are lush, drenched in color and so creative...and the DVD has an extra which features the many original paintings done by Hein Heckroth, which the ballet "The Red Shoes" was filmed to match--AMAZING stuff. Hard to believe this was done nearly 60 years ago!

Even if you're not a ballet fan (and I admit I'm not), go rent this and watch it. It's a little bit melodramatic by today's standards but I guarantee if you're an artist you'll appreciate the incredible creative work that went into this production. And young Moira Shearer is gorgeous with her flaming red hair, her lithe dancer's body and her eye-popping stage makeup. :)

I was inspired to do something depicting the unfortunate girl who cannot resist the red shoes...and is doomed to dance the rest of her life, unto death.

(Please click image for larger version.)


Anonymous said...


Another wonderful piece. You have a gift for using your creativity and talent to constantly grow and evolve your styles
and techniques. The old art director is mighty impressed.

Art fish

Patrick said...

The warm colors really work well here- I also like the way you placed the overhead spotlight to really accent the red shoes. Your line work here reminds me a lot of my father-in-laws style, he has done many pieces where the line work is very brush stroked and simple, yet very effective. This would make a nice poster for sure!

Alina Chau said...

This is lovely!! beautiful line works, and texture in the BG!!

Jeope said...

Hi Chrissie,

You should sign up to the SugarFrostedGoodness clan. You're certainly more than worthy. This stuff of late has been excellent.

Was curious: in your bio you mention "loooong time away" - but how long exactly? Asking because I'm a designer myself and only illustrate for my own amusement.

Chrissie A said...

Thanks, all, for taking the time to comment!

Jeope, I more or less abandoned illustration a couple decades ago, in favor of graphic design, partly out of a lack of confidence in my abilities and partly due to the fact that there were a lot more design jobs on offer and I needed to make a living. :) I, too, illustrate for my own amusement/satisfaction right now. I must admit I prefer it that way! No one to tell me WHAT to draw, HOW to draw it, WHEN it has to be drawn, etc. etc. I get enough of that as a designer all day. :)

I appreciate your comments and yes, maybe I'll apply to join SFG, one of my all-time favorite blogs!