Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Random scribbles and a pretty girl

(Please click images for larger versions.)


Patrick said...

Oooh yeah- new artwork from the ever talented Chrissie! I am gonna have to talk you into some sort of a sketch swap sometime- I LOVE your drawings of the Bride of Frankenstein... Elsa Lanchester was so cool in that role... your drawings of her rock! Actually, all of these are great. Love your versatility in different styles. Rock on!!!

heri said...

Chrissie, lovely lines. ah the girl on the bottom right has an attitude.. nicely done!!


Kevin Mcleod said...

I like the colors you choose for the first girl. Color is not something that is easy to do.


Chrissie A said...

patrick: Thanks!! Hey, a sketch swap would be fun. I'd love some mordacious original art..! :)

heri: Many thanks! :)

kevin: Yeah, colors--I tend to freak out a bit when it's time to add color to something, heh. This time I was just playing around and grabbed whatever colored pencils were nearby.

Thanks for your comment!

Unknown said...

ooo really like the diversity! Lovely inks! Great post