Monday, October 23, 2006

More Emily Booth

(Please click images for larger versions.)


Kevin Mcleod said...

These are great! It looks like your back in the swing of things since your move. I know how that goes I've moved recently and still don't have my computer back online yet either. Whoe's Emily Booth?


Chrissie A said...

Hey Kevin, thanks for the comment!

Emily Booth is a British actress/model/cult figure...I had never heard of her but she was the requested subject as part of an art trade I did with another blogger. Great fun to draw!

Oh, you've moved too? You have my sincere sympathies. I'm never moving again. Never.

DW said...

Those colors leave me speechless! I'm going to love these forever! :) You are magnificent.

Chris Wahl said...

Yeah, that colour one's fan-frickin-tastic!!

Chrissie A said...

Thanks so much, Daryl and Chris! :)

Anonymous said...


Nice, wild touch of watercolor!


Anonymous said...

I love the water color piece. You captured the attitude and expression of the figure extremely well. The splotchy color really adds to that.

The black and white one is very nicely drafted as well, but the colored one is definately the bread winner ;)

-Josh U

Unknown said...

Wonderful female character!!!