Thursday, November 16, 2006


Caricatures are something I never do, but I think I might do more, after having finished this attempt. I don't think it was particularly successful (but fun, nevertheless.) The middle one kinda fell flat, but I'm not altogether unhappy with the first and third one.

They were done with marker, scanned and color added in Photoshop. Part of a caricature thread that has been going on for nearly a year and many pages, over at the Drawing Board forum.

(Please click image for larger version.)


Anonymous said...

You're too hard on yourself!!!!!!!
These caricatures are right on.
I always enjoy your talent and fearlessness.


Process Junkie said...

I've been diggin' your last few portraits and caricatures!
Particularly those Emily Booth's drawings, I do hope to see more if you're so inclined.

Do you still live at the same address? I have to send you a little something, let me know.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chrissie,
Hope you are well:)
I really love these pics you did of me,
Thank you, You did a really nice job.
I'm a fan of your work so i'm chuffed to see your take on me! The purple looks great:)

Chris Wahl said...

Really love the third one, Chrissie.

Chrissie A said...

artfish: Thank you! And for the hundredth time: you need your own blog. :)

Process Junkie: Many thanks, Alberto! So happy you stopped by!

Janie: Hey, hi! Wow...I'm happy you're pleased with them; I am a novice at caricatures so I fear I didn't truly capture you, but thank you! :)

Chris Wahl: Thanks so much for the comment!

DW said...

These are SO beautiful Chrissie! Those are definately Jane - the first one especially. We love them :)

Urban Barbarian said...

These three drawings are terrific, Chrissie! You really captured some great emotion/expression!