Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Black Vinyl

I'm continuing to experiment with watercolor, markers, ink and acetate.

As an exercise to improve my drawing skills, I start out drawing a figure in pencil, struggling to work out problems with proportion and accuracy, and ending up with a not-so-lovely pencil drawing. Then I throw that on a lightbox and, using it as a guide, loosely draw with ink and markers on acetate (I have lots of acetate left over from the old days of keyline/mechanical boards. You young kiddies won't know what the heck I'm talking about . . . heh heh.)

I do a separate watercolor, again very loosely, just playing with color and not worrying too much about anything but pleasing color and brushstrokes.

Finally, I combine the ink drawing and the watercolor in Photoshop, cleaning up a bit if necessary. Sometimes I'm pleased, sometimes it's a total throwaway but I do feel like I learn something from each one.

Inspired by a stock photo from Onnagata-stock on DeviantART.

(Please click image for larger version.)


Chris Wahl said...


This is officially my favourite piece from you, Chrissie. That inking is fantastic!

Chrissie A said...

Many thanks for that wonderful comment, Chris! Very much appreciated! :)

Josh Ulrich said...

ooo, this is very nice. Excellent rendition of the photograph. Great loose ink work, and I love your color choices. Would definately love to see more stuff like this. Great work!!

Chrissie A said...

Hey, Josh--thanks a bunch! :)

Heather said...

I just love this piece, wonder mood you set with the color tones. Great work as always Chrissie.

Heather ;O)

MR.C said...

great colors, esta muy bueno tu blog, gran linea

Marc said...

Chrissie that is outstanding!! I your line work is incredible - lose and flowing with a wonderful use of blacks.

I'm totally jealous.


Chrissie A said...

marc, mr. c and heather--thanks so much for the kind words!!

2danimator said...

great movement. i like the way the shading and highlights are done using different colors. nice technique. great variety of lines. sorry haven't commented more often but i do love your work as always. thanks for the help in the forum.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous drawing.
so alive!

unearthed in a North American town,
archeologists today found a thin metal knife and a small tin container of liquid adhesive. These crude implements were thought to have belonged to the ancient tribe of people known as the paste-up artists.

Anonymous said...


Just back........Black Vinyl is magnificent!!!!!
Please do more like this. Truly inspiring
to look at and enjoy. This is your
absolute best work....I love it.


nadja said...

I love this one, great use of the ink and color. I did find lots of other cool stuff on your site though!