Thursday, March 29, 2007

Morton Salt Girl, Updated

For the SugarFrostedGoodness Challenge last week, 'Advertising Character Update.' Done almost entirely as vector art; the 'salt' is a custom Photoshop brush. I'm working on learning how to exaggerate and animate a figure, and I'm happy with this for the most part, though it's hard for me to go past being realistic and push things around a bit, for some reason.

(Please click image for larger version.)


Heather said...

Love it, you animated her look well.


Chris Wahl said...

Something different from you, Chrissie.

Really like it. Great face.

UrbanBarbarian said...

I'd buy that salt!

Anonymous said...


Josh Ulrich said...

Looks great =)
Nobody is going to complain that your figures look to realistic, trust me, that's not a curse =P

If you want to get more crazy with it though, you should try leaving out anything that isn't necesary for the character, and push certain features you want to stand out, almost to the point of being rediculous. Then either leave it there, or tone it down a bit. You show a solid understanding of human anatomy (something I'm still working on) so you should be able to exagerate your figures and still keep them somewhat believable.

Great use of vector. Me and vector, we don't get along so well =P