Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Portrait of a '40s gal...let's call her Eleanor.

I scanned an idle scribble into Photoshop and redrew it with the brush that's supposed to simulate a pencil, then played with color, working as fast as I could so I wouldn't have time to over-analyze.

You can see the original sketchy drawing underneath--I decided I liked the way it looked with the line re-draw on the layer above.

The colors were meant to be 'grab-a-color-and-throw-it-down' since I'm still working on my tendency to think color palettes to death. I think the colors work pretty well though the green in her sweater is kind of funky. Then again, they did wear some funky colors back in the 1940s.

(Please click image for larger version.)


Piotr said...

looks like you've studied form jack hamm's books. great work!

GhettoFab said...

the energy in the lines on this is remarkable! Lovely colors to boot and very stylish Miss Chrissie. anuther great post!

Anonymous said...

nice profile.

Chrissie A said...

Piotr: I have several books by Hamm--love that style...I guess he's having an influence on me! :)

Mel: You leave the sweetest comments...many thanks!

Brian: Thank you, sir! Happy you stopped by!

shou' said...

Great expression and character design. I absolutely adore the hair :) The choice of colors are rather interesting, but I must ask why blue and green instead of green and pink? Or possibly even blue and pink?

Alina Chau said...


2danimator said...

nice technique. you have so many styles. like 20 different artists are contibuting here, each blog entry unique. i like the variety.