Monday, January 21, 2008


Pencil and watercolor


Emily said...

Love the runoff, the fluid feel it gives really emphasizes the life in this illo!

Stuart Wade said...

Very Nice!

This and the slave girl are beautiful. I love your use of watercolor in this style. great work!

Anonymous said...

really lovely!!!
the dancer drawings below are
really quite terrific as well.

Josh Ulrich said...

wow, This one is really eye catching. I think the only thing that's bugging me is that the large splotch of red at the top of her head is in danger of flattening the image out.

I really like when you do this style.

Double "D" said...

Christine, It's been months since I visited your blog.
Just seeing everything you've done is very exciting.
It encourages me to get off my duff and clean the studio. I think all of the stuff you're showing is thrilliing. (especially the use of watercolor).
Keep it up, your works are special.

 [christian.yamao] said...

Amazing. the way you used the watercolor has so much energy.. love it