Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Post San Diego

Well, three days later I think I'm back on Michigan time, acclimated to the much higher humidity (ugh) and am feeling more or less recovered from a great trip to San Diego Comic-Con.

Having gone once before really helped this time around; I wasn't quite so completely blown away by the crowds, the noise, the too-many-panels-and-not-enough-time, and especially the too-many-artists-to-see-in-four-days of the whole experience. And then there's the exquisite frustration of having nowhere near enough money to buy EVERYTHING I wanted...

I traded a few sketchbooks and bought a whole bunch from the many fine people who were there...and I got to meet a few artists from deviantART as well: Bill Reinhold, Dan Panosian, Alex Riegel, and Franchesco, all of whom were delightful.

At one point on the exhibit floor when I was nearly overcome by heat and the crush of bodies I found myself thinking, "this is the last year for me; it's too much!" But by the end of the weekend I was making plans for next year. At some point I expect I'm gonna be too old for this kind of craziness but evidently I'm not there yet.


Double "D" said...

Glad you're back.
Sounds like you had a
great time.
See you soon, Doug

Jav said...

It was great seeing you again Chrissie and thanks for everything!
Love your sketchbook... really nice
drawings in there...
I'lb be sure to link you and keep in touch!

Chrissie A said...

Thank you!! My one big regret is that I didn't get a photo...! Argh!

Ah well--next year! :)