Sunday, October 19, 2008

Life Drawing —part 2!


Charles (Illumistrations) said... to the blog, and I love your drawings. Are you liking your drawing class more?

Chrissie A said...

Thanks, Charles, for the comment and for stopping by. Yep, I'm enjoying the class--it's definitely the kind of structure and practice I need.

Double "D" said...

Chris, the first drawing up top, is just magnificent.
The random lines and shading are really impressive.
It's got modern style, perfect anatomy and just
an incredible drawing.. you da girl, girl!

All your drawings are beautiful.

Per H said...

Great! I realla love the flow, shapes and shadows especially in the first one. Thank you for sharing.

leifpeng said...

Yeah, I must add my praise regarding that first one, Chrissie -- they're ALL lovely, but that one is magical somehow. We all have those moments, I guess, when something happened, you don't know how or why, where your skills and creative potential seem to flow effortlessly out of the end of your fingertips. This looks like it was one of those times (and like I said, not to disparage your other work). :-)

Chrissie A said...

per h: Thank you for the lovely comment!

leif: Wow--I feel like a celebrity has come to visit my blog! :) I really appreciate your comments on these drawings and on Miss Mosh. Thanks!