Saturday, January 24, 2009

BSG's Starbuck

My favorite character on Battlestar Galactica —the delightfully cranky cigar-chomping Ms. Kara Thrace.

Pencil, watercolor, Photoshop.


Anonymous said...

I'm culturally deprived! Don't know the show, but love the mindful, present and breathing character you've just introduced to me. Thank YOU for posting! :-) Diana

jeremy melton said...

Gorgeouse work as always! Beautifully done!

Monkey Marc said...

great eyes on that one Chrissie - sterling work as always :)

Unknown said...

wonderful drawing!! Great attitude in the character!

Double "D" said...

I really like this one. Drawing is great
The watercolor use is even better.
So Glad you're back at it. Wish I was.
Well, off to Hawaii.

Double "D" said...

After looking at it again, it's awesome.
This could be my favorite for now.

Eugenio Herrera said...

Hi Chrissie! This art is attractive and impressive, better said, all I see here, please, I will follow your blog, I invite you to look at mine..


Anonymous said...

never seen the show

but a great drawing
lots of nice color in the hair

heri said...

Love the figure drawings on the last couple of post!

greetings from Los Angeles. :)

Unknown said...

Nice blog :)

Pavel Jakubec said...

very nice,i love it !

IamOSI said...

awesome likeness, awesome show. cant wait to see how it all wraps up.

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