Friday, May 07, 2010

Pencil Portrait Commission

Pencil on Strathmore paper (which I wish I could find more of; it is the most gorgeous , responsive paper...a joy to make pencil marks upon.)


Double "D" said...

Beautiful pencil work!!!!!!!!!
What's the finish and weight of the Strathmore?
I'll see what I've got!

Chrissie A said...

Thank you, Doug!

It's a rather heavy-ish weight, and a very soft, texture-y finish. Haha, yeah, I know that's not much help.

Wait--I showed you a sample of it at lunch a few weeks back, didn't I? Yes, I do believe I did...

Double "D" said...

Oh .............. uh, yup your right.
Took me a minute, but I remember now.
I'll look.

Texture-y finish .... nice!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVELY! Any chance this lovely portrait will receive digital enhancements and further creative play? Sorry. Nosy as always about your continued creative adventures! Very lovely portrait of this handsome young man! Go Chrissie Go!!! :-) DLG

Andrew said...

Hey- great work! And thanks for the follow! :)

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Mug It Up!/Jim H said...

Really great work! You have such delicacy in your approach!

Chrissie A said...

Jim, thank you for those lovely words--much appreciated!