Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dr. Sketchy's Grand Rapids

I had a great time this past Sunday night with two friends, attending Dr. Sketchy's in Grand Rapids. Our model was Maria LaGrave, a beautiful woman with an outstanding ability to hold poses for an amazing length of time. She was a real pleasure to draw!


billspaintingmn said...

Chrissie! You have such a wonderful style of sketching! It all adds up to beauty!
Those strokes give personality, and your female sketckes,(and drawings)are always alluring!

I go to Dr. Sketchy near my studio,(331 club) it's a good time:)

Chrissie A said...

Hey, Bill--thanks for that lovely comment/compliment!

Yes, Dr. Sketchy's is a good time; I hope to attend many more AND possibly start one here in Lansing (when I'm feeling more ambitious and outgoing and have loads more time, heh heh.)