Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Richard Boone as Paladin...what a great face. Our recent houseguest loves the old "Have Gun-Will Travel" series so we watch episodes when she is here. I am fascinated by Boone's amazingly craggy face. I did some sketchy sketches plus one that I liked enough to do some additional stuff.

"A knight without armor in a savage land." Yeah.


Double "D" said...

Nice work. I used to enjoy the wonderful double takes Mr. Boone would make during those shows.
Cool stuff. I've gotten back into watching Gunsmoke at 5:30 each afternoon. Weird.

Chrissie A said...

Yeah, Boone did a great job creating a really intriguing character.

Gunsmoke: I don't think I watched the tv show as a kid, but I have listened to a lot of the radio version, with Bill Conrad--excellent stuff.