Thursday, July 27, 2006

Been stuck... graphic design hell for the last few weeks and will probably be there for the next few weeks. But this site had me laughing today: The Six Patron Saints of Graphic Design Go check it out!


enzo avolio said...

Great sketches!
Loaded with life!

K McLeod said...

I showed this to my dad and he was laughing for a good while and started telling me stries when he worked in the re-touching biz back in the stone ages or BPS (Before Photoshop) hehe.

Patrick said...

Hi Chrissie! Thanks for stopping by my blog again, and I am glad to know you enjoyed the stories from Comic Con! You will have to try and venture down in 2007- I am planning to go again for sure! If nothing else, it was a HUGE inspiration- seeing all of that fantastic artwork and talking to so many talented artists really jump started the ol' art battery! I was finally able to gaze upon an ORIGINAL Frank Frazetta oil painting... the words fail me. It was unreal!! Good luck with the graphic design, I know how much fun it can be to have a big project with deadlines looming!!