Sunday, February 03, 2008

Blog Birthday #2

So—two years of blogging as of today! While I am spending more time on my deviantArt account these days than I am here, I'm hoping to get back to posting more often on the old blog in '08. Interestingly, my site stats tell me that most people who come here are no longer my fellow bloggers, but are finding me because of google searches that tend to include the words 'fat,' 'nude' and 'pencil.' Hmmm. And they don't leave any comments, damn them.

Well, maybe more posts, better art, and leaving more comments on other blogs will change all that! Or not. But as I have to regularly remind myself, it's not about the comments or pageviews, it's about continuing to improve my drawing/painting/arting skills, right? Right.


Mark Slater said...

Right =)

Anonymous said...

fat nude pencils.

you mean like those large novelty
pencils that you sometimes get as a kid?

Chrissie A said...

Mark : Yeah! :D

Brian: Ha, I remember those pencils!