Saturday, February 09, 2008

Many Happy Returns To . . .

ME...because today is my birthday, and what better place to announce the anniversary of the day of your own birth than your own blog?

And as if to commemorate the day, I got an award! w00t! Well, okay, I got it yesterday, but close enough!

The talented Brian Gubicza bestowed it upon me (thanks again!) So now I get to pick 5 bloggers who *make my day*, if I'm understanding how this works.

It's a challenge; I have over 250 blogs in Google Reader that I attempt to read on a regular basis. But if I have to pick only five, these are the ones who deserve awards, in my opinion (and Brian's blog would be on there if he hadn't already gotten the award! So in a way, I get to pick six!)

Process Junkie :::: Alberto is a fabulous artist, and a real friend and supporter of artists as well

Daryl Walker :::: Wonderful style, incredibly prolific, and a sweet person to boot

Chris Wahl Art
:::: Totally inspiring, beautiful illustration work

Urban Barbarian :::: Dan's stuff makes me want to cry--so wonderful

Mel Made the Blog :::: Mel keeps on producing the most animated, lively, terrific art

So, congrats to all five of you and thanks for continuing to keep me inspired.


sharpiemark said...

happy birthday! =)

Chris Wahl said...

Thanks Chrissie! I feel honoured.

Happy Birthday, from a fellow Aquarian!

Chris Wahl said...

Oh and Chrissie, you might want to fix Alberto's Process Junkie's link, it goes to Daryl Walkers' blog.

Chrissie A said...

mark: Thanks!

chris: Thanks, and happy birthday to you, whenever it is/was! ;)

(And thanks a bunch for the heads-up on that link! Fixed!)

Urban Barbarian said...

Wowzers! Thanks Chrissie! I'm going to put that up on my blog! That's very sweet of you!